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Damn funny!

I just have one very pressing question... Where is puple Link, and what is he doing? I kinda hope my assumptions aren't correct haha

Good work, keep it up!

Too predictable

It was well animated, there were plenty of details; though a kinda creepy art style. The sonic jokes were mostly predictable and worn out, but some of them were original and amusing. Try something with less parodies next time, and the jokes won't be so beat.

Funny as always

But a few parts were a little too drawn out, and it started to get annoying. Other than that, nice job spoofing again egorapter!

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Fun, challenging and creative.

A new way to look at puking, most definitely. I enjoyed this, and look forward to more unique games from you.

As is custom of games with board creators, I will also post a stage that I made.

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Quite an interesting game, I really enjoyed its simplicity and sillyness, a good spoof. I'll be looking for a sequel!

Fun, but...

Here we go.
First of all, I have to say that this feels like the end of a hack and slash platformer, and without that portion, it feels incomplete.

Bugs - Simply too many.
-Vastly uneven drops: It's nearly impossible to upgrade the sword past lvl 3 because of the rarity of the last 2 gems.
-Gem drop/pickup mistake: The last 2 gems are switched.
-Unbalanced stats: Example - If you put a lot of points into Strength, you build up damage quickly, yet when you pour points into Agility, he still rarely misses you.
-There are others, as other people have pointed out, these are just the most aggravating

Other complaints
-Speedy thief: he goes a little too fast to catch up with him if you get hit.
-Lack of HP recovery: The only way to get HPs is to level, and the only way to recover them is to die, which you can only do once.
-Constant interruption: I was hard pressed to find much time to chase down the thief for gems with the boss and the flame enemies constantly bearing down on me.
-Too few different animated poses: His stopped pose is the same as his jumping/falling pose, and it doesn't look right. It looks like it should only be for sliding (to a stop while running, or while changing directions). Though, the few (3-4) different sword strikes that you have are alright.
-Gravity seems odd: maybe make the gravity a little stronger, and incorporate a double jump instead of the low-g jump you have going.

I hope you don't hate me now, it was a fun game :) keep going, keep improving.

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Epic Win!

The game is epic, and so is this song. I love how the song is longer than the game, that makes it even better, haha

Keep up the good music!

Very fun!

Could be longer, but that's my only complaint, has a very bubbly feel to it. Kind of sounds like something that might be used for Amy from Sonic :)

Blind-Bane responds:

i was just playing around, but sure i cud make it longer :D

Very interesting.

Very odd and interesting. Well done, it is just like your description. :D

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